March 19, 2017

Harlequins invade Kapiti

Very enjoyable one-day tournament yesterday saw a group of gamers battle for local honors.  12 gamer's in two teams of 6 with each playing 3 games over the course of the day in a winner take all event.  The range of lists at the event reflected the interest shown in the Gathering Storm series with 2 including Saint Celestine and 3 Ynarri Reborn Warhosts; overall Eldar and other Xenos dominated the army parade with barely a Space Marine in sight.  Although there was a very nice Sisters of Battle army which did a good job of wiping the floor with me.

March 15, 2017

Gaming starts again - Harlequins @ 1500pts

Been a while, several months in fact, since I did any gaming.  The closure of my local gaming venue and of course the Cricket season meant opportunities were limited.  But it seems there's been a bit of a growth in numbers recently at my local club with 6-7 tables going last night including Blood Bowl, AoS, 40k and the new 4th Edition FOW.

Harlequins got a run at 1000pts up against Skitarii managed to remember most of the rules, got a few wrong but still enjoyed myself.  Off to a mini one day tournament this Saturday for a bit of local derby for local city bragging rights.

Taking my Harlequins down as I'm thoroughly enjoying them and with the new books that have come out there are some definite shenanigans possible with Harlequin lists now.  Those new Eldar models will most definitely be forming part of my collection as will some Eldar CW and Dark Eldar.

This weekend its 1500pts using the standard New Zealand 40k Tournament rules regarding composition and formations etc.  So I'm taking Cegorach's Revenge which is the best formation in the Harlequin Codex IMO allowing them to reroll Invulnerable saves of 1 and to run/charge in the same turn from Turn 2 onward if they have Fleet.  Its somewhat prescriptive but it works for me.

Probably took too many Haywire Cannons on my Skyweavers - Shurikens at S6 are more versatile but its a learning curve thing.

Finally with 4th Ed FOW coming out I'll be getting the new rulebooks which are being given out free when you hand in your old v3 Books (Please take note of this GW when/if you update 40k at all) so those FOW models I haven't touched in 3+ years may get used again.

January 14, 2017

WIP - 40K terrain

Bit more progress on my homemade terrain pieces and one official one

January 5, 2017

Local venue closes and homemade 40k terrain

No gaming since November due to life but also the closure of the local venue I've been using to play 40k the last year or so.  It means our small group no longer has a regular venue hence no games for several weeks now.

The loss of a venue was tempered slightly by the arrival of ADB latest book "The Master of Mankind"... if you haven't read it yet then do so... it's amazing.

For 2017 I have a few gaming resolutions one of which is to make some 40k terrain so I can have some stuff for home games.  Early efforts have been going well...

Some towers were first up using chip containers, match sticks, bits of wood off cuts from paint racks and some random plastic bits.

I also put together what I'm calling anow AA platform using a WHFB MDF movement tray, some bits from  Rhino kit, walls from the Bascilica kit and a Rotary cannon from the CSM Maulerfiend kit. So far things are looking ok...

November 25, 2016

Harlequins vs. Iron Hands @ 1750

Had my 3rd ever game with my Harlequins last night up against Caban's Iron Hands complete with his FW Scarian Tank (which is just awesome btw).  He took something a little different to his usual list maxing out his tactical squads taking 4 units of 10 which he split into 8 x 5 man combat squads each with a Laser Cannon.  Up against him I took pretty much every painted model I had in the form of the Ceogarachs Revenge formation which has 2 particularly useful rules (1) all models re-rolls invulnerable saves of 1 and (2) all models with Fleet can run and charge from Turn 2 onward.

Ceogarachs Revenge
3 x Shadowseer - all L2, 2 with Phantamancy, 1 with Telepathy
3 x Death Jester
3 x Troupes in Skyweavers - Master w. Caress, 2 x Embrace & 2 x Kiss
2 x 4 Skyweavers - 2 Haywire & 2 Shuriken + Zephyrglaives

Overall. it was good game in the end he had his Scarian and a Rhino left on the table while I was down to my Solitaire, the Voidweaver, one Troupe and a few Skyweavers.  The Solitaire is just brutal in close combat he just zipped back and forth across the board vaporising whatever he touched - a unit of Bikes, then 4 different Tactical Squads all on his own.  Didn't realise that he can also glance down vehicles as well with his Caress.  One telling turn was No.4 where pretty much all of Caban's remaining shooting went into him and his 3++ with re-roll ones just bounced them all off.